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Luxury in retro style

The building thanks to designed modernisation shall transform into luxury object with five apartments of high utility standard, enriched with underground garage and beautiful garden at the wooded periphery of Mazowiecki landscape park.

Architectonic form

Then block as well as front and side façades maintain original character of existing multi-family building from the 30s of the last century, characteristic for the age of inter war functionalism period. Unchanged shall be also its residential function, whereas the ultimate high quality standard of the building shall be accomplished thanks to using precious materials and unique solutions. Also the staircase shall be enlarged and the passenger lift installed. In addition, fitness room with sauna were prepared for the residents.

Unchanged shall be the size of existing green garden totally accessible for the residents, which will be arranged according to style matching the times of construction of this building.




no. of premises number of rooms floor area catalogue card
A1 3 parter 84,07 m2 download
A2 2 parter 79,97 m2 download
A3 3 1 84,55 m2 download
A4 3 1 94,68 m2 download
A5 3 2 180,10 m2 download


Warsaw - Radość, ul. Planetowa 33


Jan Boguszewski

Architect member of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland, Graduate from the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw Technical University. He gained his experience during his work in Paris in the years 1972 - 1998. In 1985 he becomes a member of L’ Ordre des Architectes Francais. After his return to Poland in 1998 - he creates O&O B&G European Design studio, the extension of which B&G design studio is established in 2004.

Katarzyna Rokicka Müller

Graduate from the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw Technical University, Major - Architecture and Town Planning, whose diploma was nominated to the Diploma of the Year 2000 award. Also graduate of post-graduate Studies at the Faculty of Architecture PW Cultural Heritage Protection, Collegium Civitas and Institute of Art PAN - History of Art, Social and Political Perspective, ’Ecole d’Archietcture Languedoc-Roussilion in Montpellier, France - Tempus yearly scientific scholarship.

Co-owner of Architekci Sp. o.o. design studio, finalist of Good Design 2016 competition.


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