Hunter's manor-house
at the heart of the forest

Located at a distance of approximately 60km from Poznań in the heart of Noteć Forest Manor-house in Swiss style has been built in 1907 by Count Wilhelm von Hochberg.

History of the object

The first owner and constructor of this object was the Count of Reich Wilhelm Bolko Emanuel von Hochberg who descended from one of the richest families in Europe. He obtained these demesne from his father Jan Henryk XI von Hochberg, Prince of Pszczyna and Baron of Książe..

Hunter's Manor-house in Springsee (currently Gniewomierz) was built in 1907 in Swiss style, according to the wish of the owner it was to become a breeding and hunting centre. The manor-house was the first residence built by Hochbergs in this area. The main estate of the earldom is located nearby (approx. 7 km), Castle in Goraj.

Large woodland nearby the manor-house were separated in order to breed deer and pheasants. At the same time, breeding fish-ponds were established, which significantly enriched the landscape. Hunting games organised by the count hosted the magnates from Germany, Austria and Czech.

After the II World War the manor-house shared the fate of many relics of this type. Administered by subsequent State owners it was not regularly repaired. It was meticulously renovated only in the years 1997 - 2016 by new owners. Now it looks the same as 100 years ago.

Surrounded by magnificent woodland, located far from the main roads in the heart of Noteć Forest, provides ideal ease and leisure.

More information associated with the history of the object in historical study written by Paweł Sułkowski entitled "Goraj Gniewomierz - Hochbergs' demesne in Wielkopolska".





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