Upper Sopot

Harmony and relaxation in elegant form

Investment under preparation

Intimate multi-family building located in residential district of city of Sopot, situated on a plot with high diversification of landscape at the edge of the forest.

About the building

Form of the building

The concept assumes that it will harmonically become inseparable part of the existing landscape and surrounding lush greenery on the plot. The use of precious finishing materials brings the effect of upgraded standard which was extremely important due to the area where the object is located. The design provides for construction of 9 apartments in the building with underground garage and elevator.


no. of premises number of rooms floor area catalogue card
M1 3 -1 45,7 m2 download
M2 3 0 56,9 m2 download
M3 2 0 27,1 m2 download
M4 2 0 38,8 m2 download
M5 3 1 56,9 m2 download
M6 1 1 28,1 m2 download
M7 2 1 38,8 m2 download
M8a 2 1 46,5 m2 download
M8b 2 1 40,7 m2 download


Sopot, ul.23 marca 13a



Design team

Jakub Drohomirecki, architect

Founder of Rochman Drohomirecki Architekci office. Member of Pomeranian Chamber of Architects and member of the board of SARP Wybrzeże branch. The most important elements in designing: the context and the user. Main objectives: to optimize designs so that their use and exploitation were based to maximum extent on natural solutions founded both on traditions and modern technologies.

Mikołaj Ćwidak, architect

Founder of MC Pracownia Architektoniczna office. Architect acting mainly on Tri-City market, dealing with design of architecture but also interior design. During the stage of design he looks for custom solutions, both functional and material, that is why each concept is unique but they are merged by simplicity and uniqueness.


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